LA GOLF: The most innovative shafts in the game are heading to the UK

    What I really like about the LA Golf shaft is that when I want to hit one hard, I hit it more consistently in the middle of the face. That is really the biggest reason I changed. – Dustin Johnson
    YUMAX Golf, one of Europe’s leading golf distribution companies, has announced a partnership with LA Golf the creators of the most technologically advanced shafts, made by hand in California, and inspired by insights directly from its player partners to distribute their premium line of products across EMEA.


    LA Golf partners with the world’s greatest players to create the most innovative shafts in the game. In January this year, Michelle Wie West became the latest LA Golf partner joining 2020 U.S. Open Champion Bryson DeChambeau and Major Champion Dustin Johnson on the Board of Directors.

    My goal is to create the most repeatable swing possible, and LA Golf makes most consistent shaft I have ever tried.
    – Bryson DeChambeau

    The brand famous for its high-end graphite shafts which are designed to facilitate the fastest swings works constantly with their player partners on Tour and integrates their insights directly into the design process of their shafts providing a Tour-level experience for every golfer.

    Whether you’re playing in tournaments or a weekend warrior, LA Golf shafts allow you to be more athletic and ultimately swing harder. LA Golf iterate constantly with their player partners on Tour and integrate those insights directly into the design process of the next shaft.

    From the moment I swung it, I could feel the difference in my game, this design allows me to swing harder, more effortlessly while protecting my body.
    – Michelle
    Wie West

    YUMAX has been chosen as the exclusive distributor for EMEA and will be the point of contact and responsible for the brand across all sales, marketing and operations.
    Ben Davis, Commercial Director at YUMAX Golf said “We are delighted to partner with LA Golf and the team in California. With the performance of the product and endorsement from global icons in the game, we are excited to bring the brand to EMEA, get players experiencing the products and how it can improve their game.”

    Reed Dickens, Founder & CEO, LA Golf said “We create the most technologically advanced putters and shafts. As we continue to grow and evolve, we’re excited to partner with YUMAX, best in class, to grow our brand in the EMEA region.”

    LA Golf was conceived in 2018 after acquiring the assets and intellectual property of Matrix Shafts. Matrix was at the time producing high-end aftermarket shafts in the USA as well as stock shafts in China and Mexico. Owner Reed Dickens decided he wanted to focus on making American made, hand-finished, small-batch, premium shafts.

    Dickens brought onboard Jeff Meyer, a veteran golf equipment engineer with stints at Loomis, Aldila, Titleist and TPT golf shafts to head up his product design team. Meyer started with a blank sheet of paper and was given carte blanche to workshop data-driven ideas. Dickens then connected Meyer with Bryson DeChambeau, the biggest hitter in golf who is also a partner in the company, to get his professional feedback.

    The result was a proprietary design with a very stiff midsection that promotes a more athletic swing, so golfers don’t have to take it easy or wait for the club to load before powering on through the ball. Simply put, LA Golf shafts give golfers the freedom to swing harder.

    LA Golf is not a conventional shaft company and they do not intend to become one. They are the only shaft company in the industry that is player designed and made in USA.
    With the announcement that YUMAX Golf has become the exclusive distribution partner of LA Golf shafts, golfers across EMEA can now look forward to fitting options and solutions with authentic tour validated shafts engineered in partnership with some of the best players in the world to provide extraordinary performance.

    LA Golf shafts will be available to custom fit specialists and select retailers from this summer, so if you are interested and want to know more about LA Golf in EMEA, please contact Ben Davis using the following details:


    ‡ DJ SIGNATURE SERIES: A partner, board member, and now designer, Dustin’s new signature series with LA Golf has propelled him up the rankings in distance and accuracy. The Woods are developed on a constant tapered mandrel, producing a high balance point with a smooth feel. The series is wrapped with a sleek translucent blue coating and is offered in three different weights, allowing for a broad base of players to tap into the feel and performance of DJ’s signature shaft.

    ‡ BRYSON SIGNATURE SERIES: The Bryson Signature Series features DeChambeau’s uniquely designed woods and single length irons. Both are produced on LA Golf’s patented 16-sided HD tooling, which has been scientifically proven to enhance feel, performance, and durability. The Bryson Signature Series wood shaft focuses on stability and accuracy, resulting in a low launching, low spinning, fairway finder. The new design features more feel in the hands and increased workability for a wide variety of swing types.

    ‡ L-SERIES: New for 2022, the L-Series houses LA Golf’s new premium iron and wedge products. The iron shafts are manufactured on our patented 16-sided HD tools. These tapered tip designs offer players a constant weighted (120 grams), flighted, and low torque shaft that delivers superior consistency, feel and laser-like accuracy.

    ‡ A-SERIES: The A-Series is a high-performance design proven to be popular with Tour players and amateurs alike. The series features Woods, Irons, and Hybrids; each with unique flight profiles and tailored spin and launch characteristics (High, Mid, Low). The A-Series provides the perfect offerings in a simplified fitting system for all swing types.

    ‡ P-SERIES: The most popular and talked about putter shaft on the PGA TOUR, this shaft is extremely stiff and low torque, minimizing deflection/bending commonly found in traditional steel shafts on longer putts. This leads to better distance control and ensures the ball starts on its intended line. All P-Series shafts incorporate a proprietary material that produces a unique and superior feel.

    ‡ P-SERIES-SOHO: Breaking Boundaries – LA Golf’s engineers developed a shaft-over-hosel putter. The first of its kind, the SoHo provides the same level of stability as the traditional P-Series and accentuates feel, removes undesirable vibration, and reduces putter head oscillation. Putting analysis software has proven that torsional deflection occurs on longer putts. The P-Series reduces unwanted deflection, keeping your putt from deviating from its intended line.

    ‡ G-SERIES – coming soon: LA Golf’s flagship and ultra-premium Wood product line, the G-Series incorporates LA Golf’s patented HD 16-sided tooling for enhanced feel and stability. The line features high-grade Boron making the G-Series one of the most advanced shafts in the industry.


    SIK Golf, recently purchased by LA Golf continues to grow as the popularity of it’s quality putter collections increases rapidly with golfers.

    Latest numbers show that there are now over 60 SIK partners across UK and Ireland as the brand strives to develop a network of fitting centres across the country providing accessible options for golfers to attend fittings and experience first-hand the improvements SIK’s Descending Loft Technology can have on their game.

    The brand is also receiving plaudits from Golf industry professionals with representation in this years Editor’s Choice Awards by Golf Monthly and Today’s Golfer.
    Joel Tadman, Golf Monthly’s Equipment Editor said of the SIK DW 2.0 C Series putter “Impressive performance from all distances and a step visually from last year’s silver finish. Alignment is vivid and the consistency of the launch helps putts to hold their line.”

    With over 120 set up options SIK fitters can create the perfect solutions to improve your putting. Each fitter is fully equipped with SIK’s unique fitting system bag containing multiple heads, hosels and shafts.

    If you are interested in becoming a SIK Fitter then please contact Richard Temple on

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