Is the Voice Caddie SL2 the most premium range finder ever?

    Editor Dan Owen spoke with Phil Upton, Head of Marketing at JS International, European Distributors of Voice Caddie, to find out about their super-premium new model.

    Who are Voice Caddie?

    Voice Caddie are best known for bringing affordable and high performing Launch Monitors to the market with the introduction of the Swing Caddie SC100 back in 2014, this was one of the first times golfers were able to truly analyse their game at an affordable price tag!
    The other main focus of Voice Caddie is around GPS & Rangefinders, as a brand the innovation & technology on offer across these ranges is vast, constantly pushing the boundaries as to what a device can do to help improve golfers’ games.

    The line-up for 2021 is centred around newly established technologies from Voice Caddie giving users different and informative ways to interact with their device such as Active Green View, Smart Course View and some devices such as the T8 GPS Watch incorporating AI into game management!

    Tell us about the SL2 Active and why it’s different to anything else on the market?

    The SL2 is the most advanced rangefinder to hit the market, from the technology & features included all the way down to the fit and finish, it is the most premium product Voice Caddie have produced to date.

    The SL2 is both a Rangefinder & GPS built into one unit without losing any of the features you know and love from either, integrating into its design a high-resolution touch screen below the scope it displays dynamic green undulation and course layout graphics along with highly accurate distance readings. In its scope is a bright multi-colour OLED display with best-in-class optical clarity. The SL2 integrates slope compensation, advanced stabilization, ultra-high-speed processor, and noise filtration to give highly accurate and ultra-fast feedback across the course.

    You also can connect the SL2 direct to your smartphone via the MyVoiceCaddie app to gain access to a hub of information and statistics on your game just as you would expect with any premium Golf GPS, this gives not only round information and scoring but also analysis of yardages, GIR, Putts Per Hole, Scoring percentages and much more.

    What was it inspired by?

    The concept of producing an all-in-one unit manifested itself, it has been a debate amongst golfers for years of the benefits of GPS over a Rangefinder and vice versa, it seemed almost obvious to encompass both into one product!

    Built on the success of many of the pre-existing ranges, aspects were taken from the whole Voice Caddie line-up, incorporating technologies and features from these into one complete unit.

    The aesthetic design of the SL2 had to reflect the performance, the premium look and feel of the SL2 was actually partially inspired by sailing with the “Class On Class” motto drawing elements from luxury Yacht design with the warm feeling of leather, grain pattern of oak and precision milled aluminium.

    It’s the most expensive Range Finder on the market, why is it worth the extra cost?

    When you are looking to invest in your game budget is always going to play a factor, the market for Rangefinders is a vast one with plenty of models available at a range of price points but all offering similar features and functionality, the SL2 sits in a league of its own. If you were to combine the cost of a Rangefinder and GPS watch into one with the features available on the SL2 you would likely end up spending more than the cost of the SL2, the fact that it sits in one unit and gives the best of both make it completely unique and worth the consideration of any serious golfer.

    Does it have any tour use?

    Yes, the SL2 is currently the #2 Rangefinder on the PGA Tour with a number of Tour players such as Sun Jae Im, Harold Varner III & Christian Bezuidenhout all using the unit.

    Voice Caddie is also now the official Rangefinder of the LPGA Tour, Symetra Tour, LET, and LET Access Series with every player receiving one of the units which has a special competition mode to ensure players and caddies do not have access to certain functionality prohibited under the Rules of Golf during play.

    This has been a huge validation for Voice Caddie as to the success and quality of the GPS & Rangefinder technology on offer which is now being put into play at the highest levels of golf week in week out.

    Why should a retailer stock this?

    It is a real talking point for any retailer, it is the kind of product that will get lots of attention as it is unique. The technology on offer and ease to show the end-user how the unit works in demo mode or on course means that they will easily be able to see the benefit and what makes the SL2 different from other models.

    Most retailers will want access to the newest and best equipment, and simply put the SL2 is top in class for both the GPS & Rangefinder category this year, with the backing of tour usage and trust to help bolster sales it is a terrific addition to any tech line-up. GR

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