Introducing the G/FORE GALLIVAN2R

    We spoke to Michael Hart, National Sales Manager at G/FORE, to find out about their
    all-new spikeless model, the Gallivan2R.

    Tell us about the Gallivan2r?

    The shoe really is born out of the Gallivanter, but combining it with the comfort of the MG4+. The Gallivanter is not going away. We’re always going to have that classic leather upper style. But what the Gallivan2r offers is that classic-looking style shoe with all the great modern benefits of a synthetic upper. It’s waterproof, lightweight, and more durable.
    The G/Pod is a new traction system for us. There are 13 points of contact with the ground, which combined with the flex points throughout the sole, allows for a full range of motion while feeling secure to the ground at all times. It’s so flexible, but it just springs back into shape. I’ve been wearing them for six months, and they are so comfortable. They feature the same antimicrobial mesh lining and massaging insoles as our other models that golfers just love. I think there is an argument that this is our most comfortable model in the range.
    Our tour player Thomas Detry seems to think so, having worn it to start the season. Well, actually, he’s been wearing a spiked prototype, but we can talk about that later in the year. The Gallivan2R is a premium shoe, just at a lower price point than our other models.

    Is it available in a women’s model?

    The women’s version is coming in June. We will be offering four core colorways. It’s the same price point. Women’s footwear is a significant part of our business, making up to 38% of our sales at this point, which is amazing. No one offers the variety of women’s footwear like G/FORE.

    How has the trade responded to it?

    We don’t release new models on a regular timetable like other brands. When G/FORE launches a new product, we see an instant spike in sales. Our customer always continues to want the latest product.

    This will be a core shoe in our line, with readily reorderable colorways. However, we will drop new colorways throughout the season to keep interest high in the model, something we feel we do better than other shoe manufacturers. Everyone will tell you that an entry-level shoe will be the biggest seller; we just haven’t had one before. And at £150, we aren’t chasing the bottom of the market, but it is a significant drop from our other models.

    Will this model help you open up new accounts?

    It opens up a wider range of opportunities for us; it really is an all-door shoe. Everyone can sell a premium shoe at £150 in today’s market. And with this style, we are still offering the guys a major margin, over 50%, for a shoe that retails at £150.However, I’ve been so busy working with our existing accounts I haven’t spoken to any new accounts about the Gallivan2r yet! We want to grow our network of retailers; we just want to do it in the right way. GR

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