How to sell more grips

    Golf grips can be a good additional revenue source for golf pros, so we asked the team at Lamkin to provide five top tips on how pros can boost their grip sales.

    1. Communication: The number one key to selling more grips is through better communication. Talking to golfers about their game is a vital part of any retailer’s armoury, but while it might seem obvious, not every golfer makes the connection between the right grip for their game and improved scores. Bob Lamkin, CEO of Lamkin Grips explains, “We’ve seen a swing towards custom fit and performance driven sales in the golf industry in recent years. Golfers know that getting the right equipment for their game can help them shoot lower scores so retailers need to communicate the benefit of the correct grips for their customers’ game. This could be getting the right size or materials, texture or firmness. There are several factors to consider and simply by having those conversations it’s likely you can find a grip that can help a golfer’s game.”

    2. Choice: Once you’re having conversations about grips it’s important to have the stock to demonstrate the difference. The latest Z5 multi compound grip, for instance, has different performance characteristics to the Crossline. Grips vary in sizes, textures, patterns and colours, and while it’s impractical to stock the whole range, by carrying a set of a good variety of options the customer has immediate access to the right grip for their game

    3. Show and tell: If a customer can feel the difference that a new grip will give then the hard work of getting a sale is all but done. New grips, of the right size and texture, just feel great to a golfer. If you have a few samples of a variety of grips on cut off shafts or on a grip display, golfers can feel the difference as well as understand it.

    4. Convenience: Once a golfer has bought into the idea of new grips, the last thing you want is to have them put off by the wait to get them fitted. Offering a same day fitting or for the clubs to be ready by the time the golfer returns for their next round, can be the difference between showing a casual interest and finalising a sale.

    5. Get creative: Above are some of the basics, but if you really want to give your grip sales a boost you can get creative. Lamkin worked with St.Neots’ PGA Head Professional Paul Toyer through early 2016, following the guidelines set out in their free Marketing Pack for retailers. One of the things Toyer did was offer a grip demo event with demo clubs and a practice area as well as offering a free trial grip to anyone who wanted one. On the day 35 free trial grips were fitted and the head pro made £350 profit from sales.

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    Paul Toyer explains how he managed to increase grip sales in 2016

    The grip day was very well received by members. Many people took advantage of the free grip on offer even if was just out of curiosity. From that many came back during the next few months and had the rest of the set done. In the whole of 2015 I performed 408 re-grips. For 2016 I increased that number to 762, a jump of 87 per cent.

    After working with Lamkin I’ve learned a few more important lessons to keep the grip business turning over. Having a good selection in stock is vital. There are so many types of grips that golfers are not aware of. If you have a good stock you can offer a ‘same day service’ which many members value as a great service. A grip display has also proven very good. It not only looks good and shows all the types of grips, it gives the customer the opportunity to feel the texture of various types of grips. Once in their hand and offering ‘same day service’ they are most likely ask you to do them straight away. I think waiting for days for re gripping does put people off. They may play lots of golf and find it hard to fit a time in when they are not using their clubs.

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