Golf is a Dutch treat for Iain Forrester

    In 1988 Iain Forrester, a British PGA pro, took a position at Hoenhuis Golf and Country Club in the Netherlands. Like many British pros of his generation he has been personally responsible for the growth of the game across Europe. Tony Clark, CEO of Planeswing, reports on Forrester’s success.

    Iain soon established the Hoenhuis Golf Academy and set about building a coaching and retail business that is flourishing more than 20 years later. It would be difficult to find a better example of someone pursuing a passion and turning it into a commercial success. In this respect alone Iain is a credit to the profession and the PGA of GB and Ireland.

    But Iain’s talents don’t stop there. Iain is a former Dutch PGA Champion and as a fifth generation golfer Iain’s pedigree is real and strong and he is already an accomplished author investing his spare time into research and study of golf history.

    TC-Iain-Forrester-with-StudentIain has one of the largest collections of golf books and hickory golf clubs in Europe, (take a trip back in time and visit and a unique collection of antique woods and irons that came from old European golf clubs. Iain also operates ‘hickory events’ and sells hickory clubs from some of the leading club makers of a bygone era to enthusiasts around the world. He is a member of the British Golf Collector’s Society, the European Golf Collector’s Society and is the official archivist of PGA Holland.

    Iain has had an impressive selection of historical articles published in many countries and languages, and has recently contributed, (as co-author) to the book, ‘The History of Golf in the Netherlands’, which will be published this year. He has also been appointed as one of the team leaders co-ordinating the NGF‘s exhibition ‘Golf’ that will take place in The Hague historic museum, again this year.

    As interested as Iain is in the past, he’s equally focused on the future. Embracing technology, Iain invests not only in his own development but also in his Academy and his students. With a wide range of training aids at his Academy including Flightscope, Power Stance and high quality video, Iain added Planeswing when he was, quote, “missing the vital feel element in my teaching”. Since then it has become an integral part of the coaching programme, used every day with students.

    Iain’s entrepreneurial skills have seen him sell Planeswings and Powersliders to students generating a new revenue stream through the Planeswing Programme. In Iain’s words “once you get people on Planeswing they come back for more”.

    Harnessing the power of the internet and social media is an area that Iain has used to good effect, publishing a monthly newsletter for his members and clients and promoting his businesses via the Academy Facebook page

    Iain’s philosophy is simply, “Do what you love and you’ll love what you do”. Approaching every day with renewed vigour and purpose, Iain continues to build a business that whilst been steeped in tradition continues to move forward.

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