Fujikura: The World’s Best Golf Shafts

    Trusted by the Best Players & Fitters in the world
    Fujikura’s mission is a simple one – To produce the world’s best golf shafts. The company strives to deliver enjoyment to golfers by crafting the most desirable products and offering the highest levels of service and support.

    Using proprietary technology through design and construction, Fujikura shafts set an industry benchmark and are the go-to choice for many of the world’s leading players.
    Week in, week out, Fujikura shafts enjoy success on the main World Tours. Fujikura is the #1 Driver and Wood shaft brand and has the #1 model for the past two seasons on the PGA Tour.

    This past April on his way to victory, the eventual winner in Augusta and World Number 1 averaged an incredible 77% of fairways hit during the week. He used a VENTUS Black 7X in his driver and the VENTUS Black 8X in his fairway wood.

    The following week at Hilton Head, 34% of the field used Fujikura driver shafts. The winner used a VENTUS Blue 6X in his driver and the new VENTUS Blue TR 7X in his fairway wood. It was the 15th PGA Tour win of the season for Fujikura driver shafts, from just 27 events. 5 of the top-10 on the Official World Golf Ranking trust Fujikura for their driver shaft.

    About Fujikura
    Fujikura began producing shafts in Japan in the 1970s and Fujikura Golf was established in the USA in 1995. In 1998, the famous Speeder 757 shaft made its debut and Fujikura quickly became the Number 1 driver, wood and hybrid shaft. Various technological advances followed including the use of TeXtreme Spread Tow carbon fabric in the Fujikura Blur in 2012, creating a stiff, lightweight profile, then the use of Toray T1100G prepreg materials in the Fujikura Speeder Evo Blue back in 2014. But the most important technological development was of enso – Fujikura’s high-speed motion capture system.

    Every Fujikura golf shaft is delicately designed through the use of the proprietary enso 3-D motion capture system which has been operational and utilized in shaft development since2009. With 3-D motion capture, the club and shaft are dynamically measured and recorded throughout the entire swing. These scientific swing analysis variables are then integrated with data from the most advanced ball flight monitors available to produce quite literally, the world’s best performance golf shafts. While every other shaft company is developing through trial and error, Fujikura has used, and continues to use science, engineering, and technology to create the best product possible and deliver it to the consumer.

    Launched in 2019, VENTUS quickly became Fujikura’s best-selling shaft line and was the most played driver and wood shaft during the 2020/21 PGA Tour Season and continues to be this season in 2022.

    The exceptionally engineered VENTUS is designed to significantly tighten shot dispersion and maximising centre face contact and ball speed even on off-centre shots. VENTUS is a Tour-inspired profile and was the first to include Fujikura’s all-new VeloCore Technology in an accelerated taper, ultra-stiff tip profile. Maximum energy transfer from the tip section boosts the clubhead’s performance and a straight taper design enhances loading and feel. VENTUS comes with three launch profiles – Red for mid-high launch, Blue for mid launch and Black for low launch.

    This February, Fujikura launched the new addition to the line-up, the VENTUS TR shaft. It features a mid-launch profile designed specifically to stiffen torque in the section of the shaft where golfers need it most, leading to increased stability and consistency.
    “It’s no easy feat to improve on a product as successful as the original VENTUS, but our engineers were up to the challenge. VENTUS TR encompasses all the best performance benefits that players have embraced with VENTUS Blue and increases stability and consistency without sacrificing player feel,” says Spencer Reynolds, Fujikura Product & Brand Manager.

    More than just wood shafts

    In addition to VENTUS, Fujikura offers a comprehensive range of shafts for driver, fairways, hybrids, irons, wedges and even putters to suit players of all standards and swing speeds. Shaft options include Vista Pro is a fitter and club builder’s dream. Vista Pro is a robust flighted shaft line for woods, hybrids and irons with a balanced profile to fit any golfer. The ever-popular Speeder Range and the PRO iron shafts are more great options. Fujikura offers shafts with a broad spread of price points to suit any golfer’s budget. Fujikura iron shaft prices start at $55 USD MSRP and wood shafts at $125 USD MSRP.
    Fitting with aftermarket shafts gives customers a far better end product compared with stock/off the shelf shafts that may well not be ideally suited to their requirements. With such a wide range of options, Fujikura allows custom fitters to select the right shaft accurately and confidently for each individual golfer. This delivers the best results and maximises customer satisfaction.


    Fujikura works closely with dealers to ensure the end user receives the best possible service and result.

    Fujikura has enjoyed incredible success in the United States with more than 600 authorised Fujikura Charter Dealers. The company has plans to replicate this success in the UK and European markets.

    The route to this objective will involve working with companies like Over The Top Golf based in Chichester, West Sussex. OTT specialise in distributing premium quality golf components throughout the UK and Europe. Although OTT’s core function is distribution, they also offer a full range of services for professional shops or club fitters that do not have workshop facilities.

    The company’s skilled team, working under former Challenge Tour player Oliver Turnill, encourage and actively look to provide custom demo packages at reduced costs for those looking to provide fitting solutions. Fujikura has provided Oliver and team with the right educational tools to help custom fitters deliver the best possible results to golfers. OTT are seeing impressive numbers of Fujikura shafts coming out on top through the fitting process.

    Fujikura not only delivers the world’s best golf shafts but also, through collaboration with distributors and fitters, provides the necessary services and education to ensure that golfers are matched with the perfect shafts to suit their games. The company looks set to thrive in the UK and European markets as they have done in the US.

    If you don’t have Fujikura aftermarket shafts in your shop or fitting cart, you’re not giving customers the best options to get the best results. Unlock true performance for your customers with premium aftermarket Fujikura shafts. Available to fit every player and every club in their bag.
    Learn more and get in contact with Over The Top Golf at fujikuragolf.com/OTT

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