Foremost EMP taken to the next level with innovative EMP gateway

    Foremost’s new EMP gateway (Elite Marketing Programme) launches this month, providing the ultimate time saving solution by enabling members to stay on top of their marketing channels and driving sales from one simple-to-use platform.

    The unique tool, which brings together the various marketing services available to the group’s EMP member professionals, saves users time switching between applications and enables them to maximise their marketing potential from one central hub.

    Acting as a digital personal assistant, the EMP gateway puts members in the position to further enhance their marketing efforts and effortlessly switch between the Foremost EMP services they use daily. Benefits for the pro equates to benefits for the golf club too, with more communication and awareness resulting in happier and more engaged golf club members. In turn, this retains interest and sustains growth in new players by contributing to their overall experience.

    For Foremost, this new development is all about making it even easier for their members to work with the integrated retail marketing EMP system. Housing access to all services from one location, the gateway saves time and provides a vessel for maintaining the database, managing local communications, editing the website and most importantly, responding to their customer’s needs.

    The EMP gateway provides access to each service clearly with simple buttons directing members, but also provides additional support and information to ensure Foremost member pro’s have everything they need at hand. Contact details for their dedicated Foremost EMP Marketing Editor are shown on screen for easy contact and direct account support. This helps members every step of the way with assistance and answers to any questions about their services just a message, email or call away. Help and how-to videos give step-by-step instruction for using the gateway and associated EMP services for those not 100% comfortable with the digital world. These dedicated educational assets explain how each system works and further helps members maximise their utilisation of the EMP.

    The content submission countdown shown on the top bar of the gateway shows members how long they have left to enter club news, competition results, course updates and more for their local content channels. Once they submit their local stories, the gateway can automatically use that content for the weekly newsletter, Facebook and Twitter posts, and even on the in-store monitor via the live ticker bar. This means maximum reach to their members and database for more interaction and enquiries, while negating the time spent duplicating content.



    The pro’s newsletter is the hub for their local content stories and the single entry, multiple channel output approach is at the heart of the success of the gateway. Finding the time to pull together the information most relevant to their customers is often a tall task, which is why Foremost have prioritised saving their members time in allowing them to share one entry across all their channels in just one click. The gateway is changing the way pro’s manage their messaging at the most important level of customer engagement by enabling faster and more efficient communications via EMP Social Media, the in-store monitor ticker bar, website and newsletter.

    Key Customer Enquiries

    To the golf professional, everything is driven towards getting sales, coaching and overall business leads. It’s a constant challenge to generate buying interest and, when a customer reaches out, its vital to respond in a timely fashion with helpful information. The traditional in-shop enquiry is now supplemented in a digital space with queries online, interaction on social media and questions over email. The gateway allows members to view these crucial enquiries across platforms and respond quickly and directly to their customers, so an opportunity never goes begging.

    Website Wizard

    Foremost relaunched its pro’s personal EMP websites earlier this year and the website wizard allows them to access the back end to edit their site. Having this tool at their fingertips allows Foremost members to go in and update their information to keep it fresh and live with new images of their facilities including the shop, coaching & fitting studio, practice facilities etc, updates on lesson prices, team information and much more.
    It’s critical to maintain an up-to-date website to encourage customers and new leads, and the gateway makes that more efficient.

    In-store Monitor

    Often one of the first visual points of contact a pro has with their customers, the fully automated EMP LIVE Feed Video monitors allow retailers to co-ordinate brand marketing campaigns with impressive video content in-store. With direct access from the gateway to the admin of this system, it’s never been easier to see what’s coming up and add or edit information. Local news headlines, information and updates can be made bespoke or taken from the entry the pro has already made for the newsletter. Often grabbing the attention of customers signing in for their round or picking up a drink or snack, EMP video monitors are a great way of generating interaction with minimal set-up or maintenance work for
    the pro.

    EMP Social Media

    With the integration of the local content system within the EMP gateway, publishing information relevant to a club’s membership to Facebook and Twitter has never been easier. While the gateway makes things simple for a pro from a local content point of view, they are also able to enter EMP Social Media via the portal to manage their output of supplier messaging and retail promotions. Foremost EMP members can view scheduled posts, edit, and prepare them to send out to their audience online. It’s crucially important to stay up-to-the-minute on social media and the system enables the pro to be responsive and efficient with their time.

    Online Lesson Booking System

    Entering their Online Lesson Booking System through the gateway, users can manage availability of their time and their team, adjust pricing structures and optimise their booking diary. The joined-up EMP system makes it easy to promote coaching services across the various services and platforms, constantly supporting this important revenue stream. EMP gateway takes that a
    step further.

    Broadcast Messages

    EMP gateway makes it easy for Foremost member professionals to send out a text only special mail update with information about anything significant to their customers. Information that affects a player’s experience at the club or in the retail environment can be easily and swiftly published, ensuring golfers are kept up to speed with the latest information but also helps drives Key Customer Enquiries too.


    A golf pro’s database is a vital weapon in their armoury. Too often it can be a background task that doesn’t receive enough due care, which is why Foremost has made it simple to maintain through the gateway. With the fast add feature on the home page, it’s now easier to quickly add a new member or guest who makes a purchase in store to the communications list. This enables pro’s to stay on top of their database and customer information, which is crucial for maximising the efficiency of all their communications.

    Retail Campaign Calendar

    Coming soon, the Retail Campaign Calendar will help member professionals manage their upcoming retail campaigns and see what’s coming up. Automatically lined up with the products they stock in-store, the retail campaigns help drive sales through integrated marketing and aligned promotion. GR

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