The EQ1-NX is the newest same length design concept by industry leaders
    in golf club and shaft design, Wishon Golf.

    Now expanded to include a Lob Wedge in addition to a Pitching Wedge, Gap Wedge and Sand Wedge, the entire EQ1-NX range will also be available in left hand later this year – follow Wishon Golf on social channels for further information.

    After the success of the Sterling single-length irons, Wishon Golf has taken the characteristics of the previous single-length formula and improved upon them. Retaining the same 8-iron single-length and high COR low loft iron characteristics, the EQ1-NX irons add many new performance features to mark a definite step forward in game improvement iron design.

    A new hollow iron construction, as opposed to solid body, enables a slightly higher MOI, allowing for a more customised centre of gravity, progressing from lower on irons 5, 6, 7 to higher on the 9-iron, PW, GW, SW. This makes shot height easier with low lofts and reduces the chance of a higher shot with the high loft clubs.

    The EQ1-NX 5, 6, 7, 8 irons have +1-degree more loft than the same heads in the Sterling design. This helps to improve shot trajectory for the lower lofts, and better carry distance.
    Additionally, EQ1-NX has a better sole grind with more face-to-back radius and a more rounded leading edge, helping the irons to move more smoothly through all types of grass and ground to help with shot consistency.

    The EQ1-NX wedges are also greatly improved and can be played as ideal standalone options outside of the set. With milled face and custom sole grind in traditional SW and GW profile shapes, for more spin and greater consistency from all types of turf and sand conditions.

    The largest addition in the new set comes in the EQ1-NX fairway and hybrid models, which have been created to offer a greater range of options in golfers’ single length sets with a wide range of innovative features.

    Both the fairways and hybrids are produced with a greatly expanded internal weight system (four weight bores), providing the ability to add up to a maximum of 30g to achieve normal swingweights. The fairway woods can be built to a 40-41-inch single length to complement the EQ1-NX Irons (or be played at conventional fairway wood lengths), and, in the case of the Hybrids, they can match the EQ1-NX Irons at 8-iron single length.

    The uniqueness of these new EQ1-NX models cannot be overestimated, as Tom Wishon explains:

    “No other wood or hybrid can be built to such a wide range of lengths, all the way from single length to conventional length to any custom length in between,” says Tom Wishon.
    “With the EQ1-NX fairways, it is now possible to fit golfers with a 41-42-inch 3-wood, as opposed to the normal fairway lengths of 43-43.5-inch for the 3-wood, 42-42.5-inch for the 4-wood, 5-wood and 7-wood, one inch down each from there. This is normally too long for the majority of golfers and prevents them from being as consistent with hitting woods off fairway lies. The EQ1-NX changes that.

    “As the EQ1-NX hybrids can be made to an 8-iron length or 7-iron length, they can be built to match with the EQ1-NX single-length irons or any set of the Sterling single-length irons.”


    • Now expanded to include Lob Wedge. Left Hand EQ1-NX range coming later in 2021.
    • EQ1-NX Irons: #5-9, PW, GW, SW, LW in RH only.
    • EQ1-NX Hybrids: #4, 5, 6 in RH only
    • EQ1-NX Fairway Woods: #3, 4, 5, 7 in RH only.
    • The EQ1-NX range is available from Wishon Golf now.

    For more information, please visit wishongolf.com/eq1-nx or follow Wishon Golf on Facebook and Twitter (@wishongolf)

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