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    The demand for golf simulators is growing, and with good reason. A simulator can provide critical data for custom-fitting and coaching, and it can enable golfers to enjoy the game indoors, when the weather outside turns against them. When golfers play The Belfry on the Foresight GC2, it never rains.

    GOLF RETAILING is embarking on an editorial series with Foresight, to follow the progress of recent GC2 installations at a variety of locations across the UK. Here, Foresight Sports sales director Ed Doling explains why he believes the feedback from Foresight customers will only be positive.

    hat connects Titleist, TaylorMade, Open Championship venue Royal St George’s, Woburn, half-a-dozen of the world’s top 10 golfers, Sky Sports and the busiest retail outlet on any European golf complex?

    The answer is they all use Foresight Sports GC2 technology. Manufacturers – also including Cleveland/Srixon, Cobra/Puma and PING – use the smart-camera system and recommend it to their approved fitters to guarantee clients receive the best possible fitting service. Royal St George’s and Woburn use it to enable club pros to teach and fit inside or out, regardless of the weather. Doug McClelland’s Golf Superstore, in Surrey, uses GC2 to illustrate simply and efficiently to its clients how and why they will be fitted.

    Sky Sports uses GC2 to drive its popular Shot Centre during PGA Tour coverage, and the top Tour pros use it on the range and at home because it’s simply the most accurate and versatile ball-flight monitor on the market today.

    The GC2 is unique in that it directly measures the exact movement of the golf ball at launch, imaging and recording precise ball speed, spin, direction and launch angle, presenting all of this data along with carry and total distance in a split-second, all to the tightest tolerances in the industry.

    Launched in 2010, the GC2 has revolutionised club-fitting and teaching because of the range of benefits it offers to the retailer, fitter, coach and professional. As well as being the most accurate launch monitor in golf, it’s also the most portable; it works perfectly indoors or outside; reads every shot in the bag; is self-levelling and self-calibrating; takes 40 seconds to set-up and use, and can be expanded at any time for a swing room or full simulator. And, unlike other systems, it works in any space, any light condition and with every ball on the market.

    Foresight GC2 Close-up

    In 2012, Foresight added HMT (Head Measurement Technology) to its offering, after two years of development and exhaustive testing with several of the major manufacturers. A quantum leap in terms of golf technology, HMT enables teaching professionals and club-fitters to gain access to critical club-head data, including dynamic loft and lie, as well as ball-impact location – all directly measured to unprecedented levels of accuracy.

    The GC2 directly measures and reads everything to do with the golf ball at launch using ultra high speed, stereoscopic-camera technology. And the HMT does the same thing, only directly measuring every aspect of golf club data. Positioned ahead and to the side of the ball, and looking back at the clubface, HMT is the only technology at this price-point that directly measures club-head data into the ball and through impact.

    So simple, accurate and cost effective is the technology, that it is now regarded as the industry standard for increasing revenue during the winter. Last winter was one of the longest on record, yet pros who invested in Foresight technology enjoyed six successful months of indoor lessons, club-fitting and practice for customers.

    Foresight simulator customers – whether using a simple net and LCD screen in a swing room, or a full-size, immersive indoor golf experience – confirm that, despite bad weather and short days, they actually booked more lessons because of the comfort and convenience of an indoor facility. They’re also doing so much club fitting they don’t need to spend as much money on stock, freeing up capital for fast-moving apparel lines. Most see a full return on their GC2 in six to eight weeks, and a full simulator may repay itself in just one winter, as it drives increased hardware sales and enhances the overall customer experience.

    With Foresight Sports’ flexible finance options, a GC2 can cost just £6 per day, with a fully installed simulator from as little as £25 per day.

    For further information or to book a demonstration, call

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