Bunker Mentality introduce their new E-Distribution model

    “It’s a no brainer.” These were first words Robert uttered to me as he was explaining Bunker Mentality’s new E-Distribution model. And he might have a point.

    Bunker Mentality have a had a fantastic few years. Maturing as a brand, they’ve kept their distinctive style while managing to broaden the appeal to a wider group of golfers. Now a Foremost approved supplier and can be found at golf courses both around the UK and the world.

    But you can only grow your brand so far without looking for innovative new ideas. Enter E-distribution. Realising that they would have to think outside the box to grow their global reach, the Bunker Mentality team got their thinking caps on.

    Robert explained a little of what they’ve been working on and how it had succeeded so far. “We’ve been testing this idea for a couple of months. Interestingly, our first three new retailers using the system are in Hawaii, Missouri, and Glasgow. Maybe we share a similar Mentality? A retailer who may have seen our product online in another part of the world can now deal with us directly. Once we have received their enquiry we send them links to our digital catalogues and price lists. If they are genuinely interested in stocking the brand we send them ‘two free’ sample polo shirts to reassure them of our quality.  When they place an order we make it easy again as will pick up the shipping costs and it doesn’t matter where in the world they are.”

    Robert explained to us how it worked. And it couldn’t be much simpler.

    “We see this as an extension to our own sales team. We might not be able to see someone in the south west of the UK for example because we don’t have sales representation there. The same applies internationally as the Missouri example shows.

    “With E-Distribution we don’t need to send a salesperson but still the customer is fully taken care of, just from HQ rather than physically. It works on both a local and a global level as well which is great. It enables us to present our collections directly to any golf pro or retailer whenever, wherever.

    “In fact, we often can give a better service as we have full visibility of live stock information, and can confirm exactly when we can ship orders. Our process is becoming so streamlined that a we are dispatching product to the customer same day, and they receive within 24 hours.“

    “If you’re interested in Bunker Mentality send an email to trade@bunker-mentality.com and we will reply with a link to the Bunker Mentality digital catalogue. You will be able to view the entire collection that is available and what is in stock.

    “How simple is that? We don’t know of any brand who offers anything similar.”

    You’ve heard the man, email the team on trade@bunker-mentality.com and go from there. GR