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Women’s Golf Month targets new players

Golf clubs and driving ranges across the country are backing England Golf’s call to make June ‘Women’s Golf Month’ and attract more females into the game. Hundreds of activities for women and girls are listed on the Get into golf website – and the numbers are expected to grow.

It’s all part of the #thisgirlgolfs campaign to encourage more women and girls to play the game. Currently only 14 per cent of golf club members are female – and only 1 per cent are girls. However, women do have a huge appetite for learning to play golf and they make just over 50 per cent of all online bookings for Get into golf coaching courses.

Women’s Golf Month is building on this by promoting golf to a wide female audience with a digital advertising campaign which targets sites women visit, such as Weight Watchers, Women & Home and Mumsnet. It’s backed up with a social media campaign talking to women about a healthy, sociable sport that can easily be fitted in to a busy lifestyle.

Clubs and ranges are receiving free advice and guidance on running successful events to attract women and can buy a Get into golf promotional marketing pack for just £99.

Lauren Spray, England Golf’s Women & Girls’ Participation Manager, said: “We’ve had a great response to Women’s Golf Month and, through our promotional campaign, we’re reaching women and girls who have never thought about trying golf. We can promise them that it’s a great sport and we look forward to welcoming them to golf.”

Women’s Golf Month is the latest in a series of England Golf initiatives to grow the women’s game. A pilot project involving 140 clubs in 16 counties is testing ways to recruit and retain women by offering activities and opportunities which specifically meet their need and wants. This pilot project makes use of the England Golf women’s factsheets which are available to all clubs by clicking here

Clubs and ranges can visit for more information on ways to support Women’s Golf Month and to attract more female players and members.

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