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Whittlebury Park start working with 59club

Whittlebury Park have employed 59club – Europe’s leading customer service benchmarking and training provider, to assist them to develop this winning formula.

As part of the service, 59club will deliver a series of mystery shopper audits which measures the clubs ability to manage a membership enquiry call. The audit also assess the staff’s ability to influence a buying decision during a membership show-round appointment, and also tests their sales ‘follow up’ procedures thereafter.

59club director Mark Reed said: “Whittlebury Park is renowned for having great staff who are dedicated to delivering the very best service. As we develop their customer engagement tactics further and they harness 59club sales principals, the club will undoubtedly see a significant increase in new member conversion rates and a heightened level of contentment within their existing membership base.”

Development Manager at Whittlebury Park said: “Our focus is very much fixed on developing our approach when engaging with potential members. We will use 59club’s benchmarking services to measure and perfect the way we attract and sell memberships. The survey tools built into my59 will be used to gauge both new and existing member’s opinions. With this newfound knowledge we will gain an understanding of how members truly view ‘club life’, allowing us to take appropriate steps to build a better membership experience for all concerned.

“We will also scrutinize our visitor journey as part of our work with 59club, we appreciate that if we can perfect the way we engage with our guests both on and off the course, then we can entice these individuals to consider joining the club. We look forward to exploring the many other training and management tools within the my59 software, to perfect our sales and service etiquette for everyone’s enjoyment.”