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‘Unbreakable’ glasses launched by Sili Sunglasses

Launching their first pair of sunglasses in 2015, Sili Sunglasses are built for those with an active lifestyle, made with detachable arms using flexible materials and equipped with polarized optics. Sili have already been a hit worldwide and they are now introducing three new styles: The Hera, The Ares and The Hermes.

Using Swiss made memory polymer instead of the usual brittle plastic ensures Sili sunglasses won’t simply break and be thrown away. All of the sunglasses have been put through rigorous testing; fine tuning their design to maximise durability and strength to ensure a long lasting product.

Key features include: detachable arms to interchange between the models throughout their collections – customizing between, interchanging and replacing parts for your sunglasses has never been easy thanks to Sili Sunglasses. Making Sili with detachable arms and easily replaceable parts drastically reduces the amount of plastic waste from broken sunglasses.

Clarity and definition comes from their HD, glare reducing, impact resistant, polycarbonate lenses. Polarized as standard, their lenses provide maximum protection from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays while increasing contrast and detail for your viewing pleasure. Co-Founder Gavin Teague explains: “We have made it our mission to change the market, charging a fair price for a premium product.”

The collection starts at £55 and will be available to purchase at from start of August 2016.