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UK’s most advanced new indoor golf academy features RoboGolfPro

FairWeather Golf, a new state-of-the-art indoor golf academy featuring the UK’s first RoboGolfPro, will open its doors to the public on July 9 following a successful VIP private view event.

TV presenter and 6-handicap golfer Chris Hollins was among the first to test-drive the RoboGolfPro machine under the watchful eye of FairWeather Golf’s Director of Instruction Nate Weidner, as the robot was showcased to journalists, corporate golf organisers and golf industry professionals.

RoboGolfPro is the only machine in existence that physically takes the club and corrects the golf swing specifically for the ability and physique of the student, developing muscle memory which enables them to replicate that swing when they’re out on the course.

After just a brief session, Chris was able to increase his average 6-iron distance from 155 yards to 172 yards. He said of his experience with the robot: “It’s a remarkable machine and a fascinating experience; I’ve not tried anything like it in golf before.

“The idea that you can now hone a perfect, repeating swing on a robot that also generates greater consistency and distance is incredible. It’s an impressive piece of technology and I’m sure there will be a lot of golfers wanting to try RoboGolfPro and all of the performance technology here at the FairWeather Golf Academy.”

The FairWeather Golf Academy, which is staffed by Nate and a team of professional coaches, also features performance technology including K-Vest, Trackman and BodiTrak. As well as a fixed RoboGolfPro, a second mobile unit will also tour the UK at golf events and corporate outings.

The Academy, which has a lounge bar, also welcomes social golfers, local company and group outings with golf simulators offering virtual rounds on 63 world-class courses, as well as nearest-the-pin and long drive competitions.

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