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Titleist schedules club trial days

Titleist is offering golfers of all abilities the chance to try Titleist golf clubs at events to be held at venues across the UK over the coming months. As part of the new ‘Trial Titleist’ campaign, Titleist has employed four dedicated Titleist trial representatives. Over 350 Trial events will be taking place over the next five months running through to the end of June, giving all golfers the chance to find a venue in their local area.

Chris Beaumont, Titleist Golf Club marketing and interactive manager stated, “In order for all golfers to get fitted into the right clubs for their game, we need to give them all the ability to first trial the products. This campaign provides that opportunity for golfers, accompanying our extensive schedule of Fitting Days, and network of Fitting and Trial Accounts. In order to find an event or a facility taking part, golfers can simply go to our website to find out more details.”