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Teenager hits two holes in one in same round

A 16-year old teenager from Northern Ireland hit two holes in one in the same round of golf at County Armagh Golf Club. The odds of doing so are 67 million to one.

As reported on BBC News, Joe Rooney, performed the amazing feat at a tournament and although it helped him finish three under, it was not enough to win the event.

Rooney, who has a handicap of two, told the BBC it was the first time he had ever hit a hole-in-one, let alone two. “On the third hole I hit a great shot,” he said. “The ball bounced in the middle of the green, then spun out to the left and went straight in.

“I played on and was four under par at the seventh hole. The green is elevated a bit, but I hit the ball well – it only bounced once. You can’t see the pin very well from the seventh, but it smacked the bottom of it and you just knew by the sound that it had gone in. We just all went crazy and began hugging each other and jumping around.”