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TaylorMade introduces Milled Grind Wedges

TaylorMade’s new Milled Grind (MG) wedges feature meticulously considered materials, shaping and grinds that cater to the needs of the world’s best wedge players. The new Milled Grind wedge is a refined crafted classic wedge sporting a variety of three high-performance grinds tailored for various playing conditions and player types.

To find the perfect grind geometry, TaylorMade relied on input from Tour players along with extensive iterative testing. Once designed, to produce the wedges to exacting specifications, each leading edge and sole grind is individually CNC milled for unparalleled accuracy and consistency from club to club and grind to grind. This process faithfully reproduces the master design of the surfaces most impactful on the performance of the wedge.

The implementation of machining technology produces high fidelity leading edge symmetry to the score lines, leading edge radiuses, and sole grind geometry, creating a new standard in precision wedge making. A low effective bounce (LB) grind provides the least amount of ground resistance, a standard grind (SB) has a median ground resistance, and a high bounce (HB) grind features a wider sole that offers the most ground resistance.

With lofted wedges, shaping as it relates to leading edge and sole configuration is of particular importance. The shape and thickness of the leading edge must be formed within a narrow range to provide proper versatility from a variety of turf conditions. Likewise the sole geometry, consisting of contour, angle and surface area must be designed and maintained to interact properly with the turf in the desired manner. Different ground and sand conditions also require variations in sole geometries to facilitate play depending on player type.

The new Milled Grind wedges also exhibit a deeper bore and shaft insertion, this year going from 1.0 to 1.5 inches, and visible in the heel of every sole is the precision weight port—a weight relocation feature filled with a soft yet durable red polymer. The deeper bore, while providing an improved shaft connection, also removes weight from the hosel to be relocated into a more centrally located position, which improves the center of gravity (CG), making the club more solid and more forgiving.

A new and improved groove configuration is also incorporated into the faces of each new wedge. The MG’s new groove geometry features a 38.5 % steeper side walls that reduce launch angle and increase spin rate over previous models. The closer spacing also adds one additional groove on the face. These soft 8620 carbon steel wedges promise to be the most precise, balanced and best feeling wedge that TaylorMade has ever produced.

Milled Grind Wedges will be available at retail on 15th March at an MSRP of £139. For more information, visit