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Srixon launches new AD333

Srixon is launching the AD333, the seventh generation of the two-piece golf ball which is targeted at golfers with club head speed of 80mph or greater looking for maximum distance and excellent feel. Featuring an Energetic Gradient Growth Core and a new, more equally sized 324 dimple design, the new AD333 is said to promote longer distance by producing the least amount of drag. New generation SpinSkin technology generates more spin around the green, offering greater control for the majority of club golfers.

SpinSkin Technology is designed to improve greenside spin without sacrificing distance and tee to green control. The proprietary SpinSkin coating combined with a new urethane cover is claimed to improve friction between the golf ball and club surface by 20 percent, resulting in improved greenside performance.

Other features include Energetic Gradient Growth Core, a patented Srixon technology which describes the varying stiffness of the Srixon core. This soft-to-firm stiffness configuration allows the golf ball to produce high ball speed and low driver spin. More at: