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Solid look for Lamkin

Lamkin has announced an extension of its high performance UTx range of grips with the introduction of new solid colour options. The solid colour UTx provides a third option in this all-weather grip and is a more traditional look.

UTx grips feature Lamkin’s proprietary Tri-Layer technology, which is made up of three functional layers that, when blended together, create a grip that the company says feels and performs like no other. The foundation of the grip is made of a super tacky and softer Ace 3Gen material to provide enhanced comfort. The middle layer is a moisture-wicking fabric weave that provides surface traction and grip control in all weather conditions. Finally, the outer layer is a firmer Ace 3Gen compound designed to limit torque and minimise shot dispersion.

UTx solid colours are available in blue and red. All UTx grips are available in standard or midsize and retail at £9.99 per grip. More at: