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Shot Scope Releases iOS and Android Apps

Golf performance tracking brand Shot Scope has announced that both iOS and Android versions of the Shot Scope app are now available to download, providing detailed post-round statistics on the go. The new apps will allow users to upload data from their Shot Scope wristband immediately after play directly to their mobile device via Bluetooth.

Providing instant access to over 100 Tour-level statistics, a shot-by-shot overview and other insights, golfers will be able to analyse their performance on both mobile and tablet after every round. The free apps, available from the Apple and Google Play app stores, complement the existing desktop app.

Both apps break the game down into sections, including club distances, tee shots, approaches, short game and putting, helping golfers identify both their strengths and weaknesses.

Shot Scope is the first and only golf performance tracking system that collects data automatically, without disrupting play due to the need to tag or sync with a phone. Instead, the golfer wears a wristband which senses every shot and the club that was used by communicating with tags in grips.

The introduction of the app brings the statistics even closer to the golfer, allowing for flexible, accessible and on-demand access to all of their data. Shot Scope is available to buy from and the apps can be downloaded from (iOS) and (Android).

Manufactured entirely in the UK, Shot Scope’s smart technology enables players to track their progress based on more than just their score. With the overriding goal of improving the way in which both amateur and professional golfers collect and analyse statistics from their game, Shot Scope is the first fully automated performance tracking system for golf.