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Royal & Awesome launches Pro-Shop Affiliate Scheme

The Scottish golf trouser brand Royal & Awesome, is launching a Pro-Shop Affiliate Scheme. The initiative will allow retailers to make money from Royal & Awesome sales, without any of the costs and complications of holding stock.

Retailers will be given their own bespoke promotional code, which they can distribute to their customers and that can be redeemed at the Royal & Awesome Website. When this promotional code is used the customer will get a small discount and the retailer will receive 30 per cent commission from Royal & Awesome.

If retailers refer other retailers to the scheme they will also receive 5 per cent commission on any sales generated by that retailer.

“We know how well Pros know their members,” said Royal & Awesome Founder Graeme Smeaton, “So no one is better placed to recommend some Royal & Awesome outfits for the next team event, charity day or lads golf trip.  This scheme now means that retailers can make great commission while they help grow Royal & Awesome sales and help their members have fun.”