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Rounds played in third quarter drop 4 per cent

SMS INC. has confirmed that golf rounds played have continued to decrease after a disappointing first half of the year. The average number of rounds played has decreased by 4% in the third quarter 2016, compared to the same period in 2015, and down 8% year to date.

Scotland was the most successful region with a positive start in July of 13% increase year on year. This helped balance poorer results in August and September, resulting in a small quarterly decrease of 2%. The Midlands was the only other region which had a growth in any month. September saw a 3% increase year on year. The South had a 5% decrease year on year in July but the decreases in August and September were minimal. The North fared the worst overall for the quarter with a 6% decrease year on year, and a year to date score of 13% down.

Although there was above average rainfall in some regions, the weather was more settled than it was over the same period in 2015, however many people will have stayed away from the golf course during August to watch The Olympics at home.

Richard Payne, Senior Manager of Sports Accounts at SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC. commented: “Despite a slightly disappointing summer, it is important to put these figures into context with 2016 figures being compared to Q3 2015 which experienced outstanding weather and no major sports events. We are hopeful that a British gold in the golf at The Olympics this year will have had a positive effect, and will inspire many people to get out playing.”