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Pride in Golf Pride at US Open

Golf Pride was the leading grip brand played by professionals and amateurs at the 2015 US Open Championship, the company states, with 119 players using Golf Pride grips. Out of the top ten finishers, ten of eleven players used Golf Pride grips.

Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet family of grips were used by 76 players during the US Open. All three Tour Velvet models – Tour Velvet, Tour Velvet Cord and Tour Velvet Super Tack – finished in the top ten. The second most popular grips in play were Golf Pride’s MCC family with 25 players, including three in the top ten, relying on its hybrid grip technology.

Brandon Sowell, global sales and marketing director for Golf Pride stated, “Including this year’s tournament, players choosing to use Golf Pride grips have won nine out of the last ten US Opens. We have a legacy of winning performance, and it’s also great to see one of our latest innovations, the Tour Velvet Super Tack, finish in the hands of a top performer, further validating our ongoing commitment to develop leading-edge technology.” More at: