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PowaKaddy upgrade TOUCH model and drop price

Bolstering its strong support to valued retail partners, PowaKaddy has upgraded its intelligent TOUCH model with new trims and graphics for 2017, whilst a realigned price point promises.

Following a successful introduction to the market last year, the TOUCH has welcomed new trims on its frame, handle and wheels to offer an even sharper look for 2017. As PowaKaddy introduces a range of revolutionary new products this year, it has dropped the TOUCH price point by 13 per cent to help stockists further boost sales.

“Our retail partners have done an absolutely fantastic job in promoting and selling the TOUCH since its launch last year and we’ve been extremely pleased with the feedback we’ve had from consumers,” said PowaKaddy UK Sales Manager David Howse. “With our most exciting product range lined up, we’ve realised that stockists will need some additional help in selling the TOUCH, hence why we’ve upgraded it and reduced the price to offer even more value for money.

“The 2017 model features a slightly new design, which we believe is even more attuned to the consumer’s eye,” added Howse. “The new TOUCH is available now and we’d encourage retailers to contact their Area Sales Manager to find out more.”

Based on its patented Touch ‘n’ Go Technology, the simple and intuitive PowaKaddy TOUCH only requires the golfer to rest his or her hand on the grip and start walking for the intelligent trolley to begin moving at the same speed as its user. The TOUCH continues to travel at the same speed even when the user’s hand has been taken off the handle. To make the trolley come to a standstill, golfers just place their hand on the grip and stop walking.

The TOUCH’s popular features all continue for 2017, most notably the USB Charging Port for powering smartphones, and a sleek high-performance PowaFrame chassis with sealed underside. PowaKaddy bungee bag straps with integrated anti-pinch handles help secure the cart bag firmly to the trolley, while there is also the PowaKaddy Key Lock base that ensures greater stability on varying terrains.