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PowaKaddy launch ‘most advanced’ golf trolley yet with integrated GPS

PowaKaddy have launched the world’s first model with fully-integrated GPS technology, ensuring golfers can manage their game from their trolley handle irrespective of external devices or mobile reception.

Following the success of its high-performance line of trolleys in 2016, the brand’s FW7s GPS introduces GPS technology built in to a super-intelligent digital screen. Delivering fast, accurate distances to the front, middle and back of the green at over 30,000 golf courses worldwide, the FW7s GPS also provides other pinpoint details like precise distances to hazards without the need to take out an external device.

Any course updates are easily handled by connecting the FW7s GPS to the PowaKaddy website via a special dedicated programming port underneath the handle. The integrated GPS automatically locates the course where the golfer is playing, meaning there are no annual fees, subscriptions or additional downloads required.

“We’re really excited about our integrated GPS technology and what it means for the performance-focused golfer,” said PowaKaddy Marketing Manager Mei Tierney. “Golfers can manage their game from their trolley handle without the need for getting any other device out of their bag or pocket – a real landmark moment for the electric trolley industry. As the GPS is built-in to the trolley handle, we believe it offers a reliable source of distance measurement that is irrespective of mobile signal, battery or internet data.”

As a clever add-on, a built-in digital scorecard tracks the golfer’s scores, whilst it also saves every round to build a performance history for the owner. The super-intelligent screen even reacts to the golfer’s final score by displaying different emojis based on whether they break their handicap or not. The FW7s GPS also has a ‘Demo Mode’ which means golfers get a preview of the trolley’s GPS functionality in Pro Shops rather than having to take it out onto the course.

“A serious amount of time, effort and investment has gone into the production of the FW7s GPS to make sure it performs to the very highest of standards,” added Tierney “It has all the features of our award-winning Freeway range, while the fully-integrated, high-performance GPS delivers much more than just distances to the pin. We also believe the FW7s GPS offers an extremely attractive option for serious golfers, particularly when you consider the high-performance GPS technology on offer for just an extra £120.”

The new FW7s GPS features several other established PowaKaddy technologies, including the Plug’n’Play battery system, which avoids any fiddly wires or connectors. The trolley comes with either an 18 hole or 36 hole PowaKaddy Lithium battery. The FW7s GPS comes with a three-year warranty and has an RRP of £749.99.