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Powakaddy announce new upgrades for 2017

After becoming the first electric trolley range to reach half a million sales, the PowaKaddy Freeway family will boast further enhancements in 2017, with the FW3, FW5 and FW7s all welcoming upgrades for the new season.

Following feedback from users across the world, the trolleys have all undergone makeovers for 2017 – most notably the FW3 and FW5 with new digital screens, digital power gauge and battery fuel indicator. In recognition of the new intelligent handles on both the FW3 and FW5 models, PowaKaddy has re-branded the trolleys as the FW3i and FW5i.

Meanwhile, after a successful year in which its sales value increased by 28 per cent, the top-of-the-range FW7s introduces a new frame colour and soft touch handle trims. Also fresh for 2017 are classy new graphics on the trolley’s frame, whilst stylish new yellow trims on the front wheel add to the overall premium look. Backed by a three-year warranty, the FW7s includes a stunning 3.5” Full Colour Widescreen, offering golfers an intelligent handle that can even count the number of calories burned during a round.

“The performance of the Freeway range last year exceeded our expectations, but we’re not resting on our laurels and we’re really excited about the new line-up for 2017,” said PowaKaddy CEO David Catford. “Whilst we’ve invested significantly in the new family – particularly with the new digital screens – we’ve kept the price points the same as last year, so golfers really are getting fantastic value with the latest Freeway range. Added to that is the new full five-year warranty on all Plug ‘n’ Play Lithium batteries, which offers golfers even more peace of mind when they invest in a PowaKaddy Lithium trolley.”

Available in both 18 and 36 hole options, the PowaKaddy Lithium battery boasts an integrated Battery Management System that protects the life of the battery and provides up to five times longer lifespan than lead acid equivalents.

PowaKaddy FW3i

The FW3i welcomes a brand new digital screen with power gauge and battery fuel indicator, bringing a touch of class to one of the most popular entry-level trolleys on the market. Powered by a whisper-quiet 200W motor, the FW3i offers engineered simplicity at the highest level. An easy-to-use, ambidextrous soft T-bar grip allows golfers an extremely simple method of steering the trolley, whilst the straightforward On/Off button comes complete with a Power, Pause & Resume function that is displayed on the new digital screen. RRP: FW3i = 18 LI @£499.99 / 36 LI @£549.99

PowaKaddy FW5i

The PowaKaddy FW5i comes with an all new full colour widescreen display, a digital power gauge, battery fuel indicator and an integrated USB charging port. Boasting a whisper quiet, 200-watt motor, the FW5i incorporates an Automatic Distance Function (ADF) feature that allows the trolley to be sent distances of 15, 30 and 45 yards. RRP: FW5i = 18 LI @£549.99 / 36 LI @£599.99

PowaKaddy FW7s

Boasting a new frame colour, soft touch handle trims, graphics and front wheel with yellow trims, the FW7s is the ultimate in cutting-edge design. The popular trolley is packed with technology and features a stunning full colour 3.5” widescreen display, built-in calorie counter, distance measurement function and powerful, near silent 230W motor. Boasting a three-year warranty, the FW7s also offers an optional Electronic Braking System (EBS) model with three levels of progressive braking when going downhill. RRP: FW7s = 18 LI @£639.99 / 36 LI @£699.99

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