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Paul McKenna launches golfing app

Every top-level golfer doesn’t just have a coach, they have a sports psychologist or mind coach because golf is not just about the technical aspects of game, but also about being in the perfect state of mind.

Paul McKenna, the world’s leading self-improvement author and sports mind coach to the stars and has spent years developing the ultimate golf success system. He has worked with some of the greatest players and studied their strategies is now sharing those techniques.

This new App – endorsed by Nick Faldo – provides golfers with a top sports mind coach on their smart phone 24 hours a day. The App is designed to psychologically reboot your Golf game by altering your thoughts, habits and patterns related to every aspect of the game. Over seven game-changing days, Paul serves as an interactive virtual hypnotherapist, guide and mentor, with daily customised coaching.

Paul also studied the techniques and mind-set of other great golfers such as Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods to make the system on this App so powerful.

Using proven visualisation techniques and hypnosis – Paul McKenna will put you in the zone of peak performance. The same help that is only available to an elite set of golfers, is now available to everyone. These are covered in a personalised ‘7 Day Plan’ that consist of daily video and audio instruction. Each day the user is prompted to move through the plan and key learning points are highlighted and reinforced.

There is also a ‘Plan Your Next Round’ method where the user selects a key focus point based on the course that they are going to play and then has three days of techniques to reinforce their game plan. Also there is an ‘Immediate Help’ function where the user can access a specific focus point on demand to help them overcome an issue or quickly get in the zone and a success tracker where the user keeps a track of their scores over time and shows a history of focus points and courses played.

Available to download on Android and iPhone, priced at £4.99.