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New six-hole course at Frilford Heath

Oxfordshire’s largest golf club, Frilford Heath has announced the launch of a brand new golf course. The yellow course has been designed specifically to make golf more accessible and encourage young people and beginners to play the game and achieve a good standard. To mark the opening 100-year old Frilford Heath member, Hugh Chamberlain played an exhibition match with Eddie Pepperell, fellow member and European Tour player.

Frilford Heath Golf Club have made a significant investment to develop the course, comprising of six holes with 12 tees and a maximum of 86 yards long with synthetic tees and greens. It will take no longer than 60 minutes to play a round and ensures beginners can play without being concerned about the difficulty as well as offering a pathway for older members that find it difficult to play 18 holes.

The idea for the yellow course was conceived two years ago by the Frilford Heath management team and has been in development for the past 12 months. Eddie Pepperell, Frilford Heath member and European Tour player said: “It’s so important to make golf inclusive if we want it to remain as one of the UK’s leading sports. There are many people who may be put off playing a round of 18 holes because they are worried about their ability and the time it takes. This course means beginners and those new to the game can come and play a quick round to gradually improve their game with confidence.”

With its commitment to protecting nature and its Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Frilford Heath ensured that all nature removed for the new course was replanted in other areas of the club. The scots pine and fir trees were replanted on the estate to ensure they were preserved.

Alistair Booth, Frilford Heath Executive Chairman said: “Introducing a new six-hole course to our selection of three 18-hole courses means we are making golf accessible. Beginners and younger players who might otherwise be too afraid to play a longer course because of their level of skill can now be assured that they can play a game of six holes in an hour. We want to safeguard the future of this sport and feel that in order to do so, we need to make golf available to everyone.”