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New series of matching Black Cat woods from Lynx

Following the success of its most recent Black Cat irons, British golf equipment manufacturer Lynx has unveiled a new series of matching Black Cat woods.

The adjustable Black Cat driver, adjustable fairway woods and hybrid rescue clubs all contain new technology designed in the UK by the Surrey-based company’s R&D team. The new Lynx Black Cat driver is packed with advanced tech, including the Lynx Spin Control System – a removable and reversible weight bar which repositions weight either further forward, or further back, in the clubhead.

Clearly marked with HW/LW options, positioning the High Weight (HW) setting closer to the clubface moves the weight forwards, reducing spin and keeping the flight lower, with a more penetrating flight and control. Positioning the Low Weight (LW) setting closer to the clubface moves more weight to the rear of club, increasing spin for a higher launch.

The 460cc two-piece titanium driver features a cup-face design with face hardening treatment applied to help generate faster ball speeds and reduced spin, while full adjustability from 9- 12 degrees is on offer and includes draw and fade bias settings for those players looking to eliminate slicing or hooking.

Lynx’s Effective Energy Transfer technology sits behind the clubface and delivers an enormous sweet spot, minimising the effects of ‘gearing’ caused by off-centre hits.

The new Lynx Black Cat fairway wood also benefits from the Spin Control System offers golfers outstanding performance alongside full loft adjustability from 13 to 16 degrees, while complementary Black Cat hybrids are available in 3(17°) and 4 (21°) options.

Said Steve Elford, Lynx Golf UK CEO: “The response from retailers and golfers to our Black Cat irons has been exceptional. It’s a marque that is instantly memorable for golfers who enjoyed playing Lynx in the past, while for more recent golfers, Lynx Black Cat is being positioned as a quality, technology-packed club range at sensible, affordable price points.

“Early versions of the Black Cat driver have been tested by several of our Lynx ambassadors and their feedback is that we’ve created an exceptional driver that delivers the perfect amount of loft adjustability and spin control, without needing a degree in rocket science to make it work.”

All clubs are available with custom fit options and are available in black, red or blue head colours. Suggested retail prices are: Black Cat driver £239, Black Cat fairway wood £189, and Black Cat hybrids £129. Pre-orders are being taken now.

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