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New Royal & Awesome designs

Its Spring time, and what does Spring bring? Sleet and snow across half the UK and six Awesome new designs from Royal & Awesome, the UK’s funkiest golfing fashionistas.

The Royal & Awesome team have spent literally no time considering which colour palettes are going to be in vogue this Spring and we very much doubt that they have been in the lab tinkering with technical fabrics. But they have created another range of jaw dropping, eye popping, head turning trews.

The new range features two bright argyle designs called Disco Diamond and Blues on the Greens, arguably their loudest tartan design yet, called Plaid Electric, a pair of poker pants called Fore of a Kind and two additions to their patriotic collection called Eurostar and St Antrews.

Royal & Awesome Brand Director, Graeme Smeaton had this to say about the new arrivals: “We grew sales by more than 50% in 2015, so we’re looking to refresh rather than reinvent – it is all about giving people more of what they want; fun, bright, comfortable trousers, at a great price, so that they can boss their next special golf event. The fact that we now have perfect designs for both sides of the Brexit debate is just a happy coincidence.”

All of these designs are available now in Mens’ trousers (RRP £49.99), shorts (RRP £39.99) and unisex hat (RRP £19.99).  The Eurostar design is also available in Plus 2s (RRP £49.99) and ladies skort (RRP £39.99).

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