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New putting challenge launched for Xmas

Despite the cold weather, those who play golf needn’t rush to pack away their clubs just yet, as a new golf challenge will be driving off the green and into the home just in time for Christmas this year. Putt2Pocket is an ideal Secret Santa or stocking filler that will enable players to perfect their putting.

The product is suitable for all ages and can be used as a teaching tool for people who are demonstrating an interest or promise in the sport and amateurs who need to practise their swing and lower their handicap off the course.

Frank Bailey, designer and creator of Putt2Pocket, says; “This proactive golf challenge will appeal to a wide variety of people either enjoying a night in with family and friends over Christmas or golf enthusiasts looking to perfect their skills throughout the year. You can unleash your competitive streak and achieve that hole in one.”

To play the game, the golfer will need to lay out a 9 – 18 hole imaginary driving range, in any combination, on any surface, then aim and fire with their own club and ball. The team can make up their own rules but the participant can gain a score by hitting the target over the hole and will receive double points for shooting the ball into the jackpot. 

Putt2Pocket costs £10, including free UK delivery, and is available to purchase online. For further information, visit