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New balls from Bridgestone

Bridgestone Golf is introducing a brand new range of e-Series balls combining its previous dimple technology with a ‘Web’ pattern to deliver a more penetrating flight and extra distance. The Web Dimple Technology is the predominant feature on the new balls, with 226 dimples to maximise surface coverage combining with 110 Dual Dimples for consistent ball flight.

Bridgestone claims the new dimple configuration in the latest e-5, e-6 and e-7 balls produces 10 percent more surface coverage than previous models to retain ball speed for a sustained period after launch. It also helps to create flight trajectory at the ball’s highest speed mark and maintain lift as its velocity declines. Golfers looking for higher flight trajectory will benefit from the e-5 ball, while the e-6 is designed to provide straighter flight and the e-7 a more penetrating ball flight.

The new version of the e-6 three-piece ball is says Bridgestone, the softest multi-layer golf ball on the market, with a soft core for lower spin and straighter flight, with a softer suryln cover available in white, orange and yellow. The latest e-5 two-piece model has a faster spin rate for higher flight, while the e-7 ball offers pace and a piercing flight with a three-piece construction. All three balls have an RRP of £29.99 per dozen from March.

Steve Kettlewell, MD of Bridgestone Golf UK stated, “The e-Series range has been extremely popular in recent years, especially at live ball fittings, but the new models promise golfers an even better performance level. Each new ball has a distinctive characteristic designed to appeal to different players and address their individual playing needs from tee to green.” More at: