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Muirfield votes to allow women members

Members of the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers (HCEG), the world’s oldest golf club, have voted in favour of women as Members of the Club.

A two-thirds majority of those who voted was required to make the change that has immediate effect. The result of the postal ballot of members, independently scrutinised by Electoral Reform Services, was 498 votes (80.2%) in favour of change, 123 votes (19.8%) against. 621 votes were counted, a 92.7% turnout. The Club owns and plays at Muirfield.

HCEG Captain, Henry Fairweather said: “This is a significant decision for a Club which was founded in 1744 and retains many of the values and aspirations of its founding Members. We look forward to welcoming women as members who will enjoy, and benefit from, the great traditions and friendly spirit of this remarkable Club”.

The current waiting list for membership at Muirfield suggests that new candidates for membership, women and men, can expect to wait two to three years, or longer, to become a Member of the Club.

The R&A have already announced that the cub is now back in the Open rota, after it was taken out following an earlier vote which went against allowing women to become members.