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Record profits for Motocaddy retail partners

Trolley brand Motocaddy has announced record levels of profit for its retail partners this year with over £100,000 more royalties paid than at the same date last year and substantial increases in their retailers’ gross margins.

The announcement follows unprecedented demand for the new S-Series range and the pioneering push towards Lithium batteries, including reduced prices on Lithium trolley models.

The brand has also recorded a strong growth in market share, with Motocaddy trolleys accounting for 63 per cent of all powered trolley units sold in the UK up to the end of July. Sales of the latest S1 model also reached record levels, representing more than 35 per cent of all electric trolley purchases for the same period, nearly twice as many as the next best-selling model in the domestic market.

Demand for electric trolleys sold with Lithium batteries has also reached a record high, accounting for more than 90 per cent of overall Motocaddy trolley sales this year – compared with 34 per cent in 2014 and 63 per cent last year.

In leading the industry’s move towards lighter, more reliable batteries, Motocaddy repositioned this season’s Lithium prices and reduced the gap between models sold with Lithium and Lead-acid batteries to just £100 – a drop of £50 on previous price points – with golfers able to purchase a Lithium-powered model from its 2016 trolley range from just £399.99. Royalty rates remained unchanged from last season, resulting in significant gross margin increases for retailers, by as much as 4 per cent on some Lithium models.

Alongside the price drop, Motocaddy continues to run its high-profileTime To Go Lithium’ campaign launched two years ago; including a series of advertisements, videos and extensive point of sale material presenting golfers with compelling reasons to switch to the battery that boasts greater value for money as a key selling point.

“We’re delighted to buck the trend in what is perceived to be a declining golf market by driving this sector forward and increasing retailer profitability,” said Sales Director Neil Parker. “Exceptional demand for the new S-Series range combined with lower Lithium price points has had a really positive impact, with retailers seeing higher priced products with improved margins roll out of the door and more money going into their tills.”

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