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Limited edition milled collection RSX Putters from Odyssey

Odyssey has announced the launch of its limited edition Milled Collection RSX Putters, pushing sound and feel dynamics to new levels.

For more than 25 years, Odyssey has pioneered the use of insert technology in putters and through its exhaustive work has continually explored ways in which sound and feel can be optimised to enhance putter performance and build player confidence.

Austie Rollinson, Principal Designer at Odyssey Golf, explains: “Staff Professional, Phil Mickelson, has always told us that when he hits a five-foot putt, he wants it to look, feel and sound like a five-foot putt.”

By introducing Sound Chamber technology into RSX Putters, Odyssey engineers have taken Phil’s insight and created a very limited line of products to deliver a crisp sound at impact, ensuring great feedback that matches perfectly with the speed and roll off the face.

The Sound Chamber is a precision milled sound chamber pocket set behind a 17-4 stainless steel striking surface for great feedback and feel. This 17-4 stainless Metal-X steel insert has been chemically etched with Odyssey’s patented oval pattern to provide a better roll off the face and an additional Stabilising Crossbar further helps to stabilise sound and feel across the face.

Milled Collection RSX Putters, finished with a black powder coat shaft to reduce glare and provide a unique, contemporary look, are available in three head shapes: a new #001 – a new take on the classic #1 Odyssey head shape.

A black, genuine Cabretta leather Grip Master grip with a red baseball stitch down the back completes the look. All three head shapes are available in right handed only, and in shaft lengths of either 33in, 34in or 35in.

This is an extremely limited edition putter, with just 100 of each model being made available through a select number of European retailers from July 15, 2016. For further information visit