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Increasing numbers of pros turn to Foresight GC2 and HMT

With technological innovation at its core, market-leading ball and club analysis technology company Foresight Sports Europe, have seen unprecedented numbers of tour pro’s, teaching professionals and expert club fitters put their trust in the game’s most advanced all-in-one launch monitor and golf simulation technology.

Sales of the company’s game changing GC2 smart camera system have already seen it become the best-selling launch monitor worldwide. Its capacity to deliver the most accurate, industry-leading ball launch data, as well as offering indoor and outdoor versatility, sheer simplicity of use, the ability to measure every shot in the bag from putts to drives and most importantly, the ability to add revenue streams, has seen Foresight Sports become the ‘go to’ brand in this competitive category.

Foresight Sports are now taking over club head analysis also, reading more data, more accurately with direct measurement, made achievable by pairing GC2 with its most recent innovation, HMT (Head Measurement Technology). Hailed as the most advanced club head tracking and analysis system in existence, HMT integrates with GC2, precisely capturing club head data – at the point of impact – with an ease and level of accuracy never before seen.

Unlike previous generation radar-based technologies that rely heavily upon assumptions derived from ball flight, the HMT unit sits safely ahead of and to the side of the golf club at impact. This enables the ultra-high speed cameras to directly measure incredibly accurate club head data for every shot.

“With the stereoscopic cameras within GC2 and HMT working together you have the most comprehensive analysis of a player’s club head delivery and performance, available instantly at your fingertips,” commented Edward Doling, Sales Director at Foresight Sports Europe. “From club head speed, path, smash factor, dynamic loft & lie, closure rate and even impact location, no other technology can match the sheer scale of critical data we measure and report with GC2/HMT, let alone to our levels of accuracy.

“Technology has evolved, with cameras providing huge benefits over radar. Nowadays if you are not custom fitting or teaching using GC2 or HMT, then you are not doing it as accurately as you could be, which in turn reduces customer satisfaction, repeat business, and positive word of mouth. The bottom line is simple: the more accurate the data, the better the fitting or lesson, and therefore the better the customer feedback and repeat business.

“In recent weeks we have taken HMT further still with the launch of the One-Dot option, available to any existing or new HMT owners. With One-Dot our customers can now measure core club data such as club head speed, angle of attack, path, and smash factor, all with the use of just one marker on the face. And One-Dot works with every club in the bag, even the putter, opening up more fitting, coaching and retailing opportunities for our clients. Forget measuring putters with a radar system. You need cameras for that.”

Club face closure rate, measured in DPS (Degrees per Second), in particular, is another extremely beneficial measurement that HMT offers. It has proven to be a massive hit with teachers and fitters, enabling them to analyse how the club face and club head rotate into impact. Something no other technology is able to offer.

Alex Saary, PGA Level 4 Golf Coach, uses GC2/HMT on a daily basis and advocates the significant advantages of pairing HMT with GC2, “It’s the only system in the world that gives you reliable information about what happens at impact. I can’t imagine coaching without it. I get results with my elite players four times quicker than I ever used to because HMT takes out all the guess work and tells you exactly what the player is doing with the club head and club face.”

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