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GolfBuddy introduces two new models of laser rangefinder

GolfBuddy is introducing two new models of laser rangefinder for 2017 – LR7 and LR7S.

Both LR7 models build on the features of GolfBuddy’s LR5. Housed in a compact, ergonomic body and weighing just 218g, the lightweight LR7 fits snugly in the hand and provides accurate distances to +- 1 yard at a simple touch of a button.

With 6 x magnification for ease of target location and four scan modes, the LR7 is simple to use and has a mode function for every preference. Standard mode provides a quick distance to any selected target. With one click, Scan mode continuously scans for 10 seconds showing distances to varying targets. This proves particularly useful for assessing various hazards from the tee. Pin mode, again with just one click, scans for 10 seconds before displaying the distance to the closest target, making it most useful for approach shots. Pin finder mode repeats the function of pin mode but adds in a vibration function for confirmation of an acquired target.

The LR7S takes all of the practical simplicity offered by the LR7 and adds in a slope function that provides distances that take into account the elevation of the target. This provides an invaluable learning tool in practice rounds for gauging the effect of slope on club selection. While not eligible for tournament play, the feature can be turned off making the LR7S legal for use in all formats of the game.

Both models are available to order now with LR7 arriving at retail in early June and LR7S in July. LR7 RRP: £249.99,  LR7S RRP: £279.99