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GolfBuddy introduces GPS watch

GolfBuddy has launched a GPS watch, said to be its slimmest, lightest and feature-packed model to date. The new WT5 is a significant improvement on its predecessor, the WT3, and is slimmer, lighter and completely re-styled with a softer, more comfortable strap.

Additionally, the three navigation buttons which give the golfer access to the WT5’s suite of functions and technology, have all been moved to one side of the watch making it easier to use. It offers distances to greens, hazards and targets and premium features like scoring completely free of charge, with no annual fees to pay.

WT5 has Pin Placement Technology so the golfer can put the flag on any one of nine preset locations on the green (left, centre, right, front, middle, back) for added accuracy. Dynamic Green View gives distances always directly from the golfer’s angle of approach.

Over 37,000 free golf courses are preloaded. Available in two colour schemes (white/orange and blue/black), the GolfBuddy WT5 has an RRP of just £159.95. More at: