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Golf insurance focuses on juniors

Children are always more prone to accidents than adults and none more so than on a golf course – but parents can now have peace of mind with the arrival of a golf insurance policy for under-16s courtesy of Golf Insurance 4 U.

Thousands of accidents and injuries occur each year while playing golf, but children statistically are more likely to come a cropper due to their inexperience and lessened sense of danger, especially when out on a course with friends.

Many companies will not offer cover for youngsters but Golf Insurance 4 U, a subsidiary of the innovative new company Million Dollar Holdings, has launched a new tailor-made, fully inclusive worldwide insurance product for budding young Rory McIlroys and Charley Hulls.

Golf Insurance 4 U offers three levels of protection – silver, gold and platinum, costing £19.99, £33.99 and £49.98 respectively.  Platinum cover is even excess free, taking out all worries in the event of a claim.

In addition, junior golf in the UK will also receive a huge boost as each policy sold will see £1 donated by Golf Insurance 4 U to aid the development of the game, while customers will also be able to choose to double that amount with their own contribution.

Golf Insurance 4 U’s Kevin Stowe (pictured) said: “Naturally, kids are always more susceptible to accidents and injuries as their zest for life can mean they are unaware of the dangers around them and the accidents that can happen out on a golf course.

“There are very few insurance products that are aimed specifically at youngsters, but we at Golf Insurance 4 U don’t think that’s right. Children are the future of the game and they should be protected, so we have designed a package that ensures they are covered for any outcome.”

Each parent purchasing the junior policy will also receive a year’s complimentary membership to Million Dollar Club (MDC) – a loyalty and benefit scheme to reward its customers, who can also take advantage of great offers from a range of partners.