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Golf Genius attracts a following

Golf Genius, which launched in the UK last month, has announced that it has partnered with several golf venues, including The Grove, Close House and The Astbury. The software provides golf venues with a breadth of administrative tools for organising events ranging from corporate golf days to weekly club swindles that in turn offers a greatly enhanced experience for both visitors and members.

John Glendinning, managing director at Close House, commented, “At Close House we are committed to delivering exceptional service to our guests. The Golf Genius software has elevated the service and experience we can offer golf societies and events to a new level. The system is intuitive, easy use and has a number of features that benefit the end user, in particular the in-built live scoring app allows us to offer a service that would otherwise have to be out sourced.”

For Golf Genius, Craig Higgs stated, “The Golf Genius product is uniquely tailored to meet the needs of any club, and we are extremely pleased with how well the product has been received among some of the UK’s most prestigious venues. Golf Genius maximises advertising and sponsorship opportunities, provides enhanced targeted marketing and increases retention rates through a comprehensive, end-to-end administrative solution.” More at: