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Going into the GreenZone

GreenZone is a free app and subscription-based web service, designed to help golfers and their coaches improve playing levels. Using input data and an Apple iPhone, GreenZone Golf analyses the relationship between the aim and outcome of any shot, with no additional equipment required.

GreenZone Golf will lay a ‘digital blanket’ over any range to create consistent practice zones and set varied shot challenges. Users can record the outcomes, learning as they practice and the app will provide feedback. GreenZone’s web service is the companion tool to the app, analysing shot data to construct a detailed picture of performance as it improves.

Features include camera utilisation for target creation; a diary of all GreenZone practice; analysis of launch, land and shape strengths and weaknesses; and multiplayer ‘shoot-outs’ to enjoy competitive practice with friends.Using the app is free. Full website functionality and viewing all statistics is £3 a month with annual discounts. A 30 days free functionality trial of the system is available before subscription. More at: