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Gog Magog Golf Club join 59club

James Fuller, General Manager of Gog Magog Golf Club in Cambridge is the latest club manger to join the 59club portfolio, sharing the common goal  of wanting to deliver the best service levels for their members and visitors.

Fuller commented: “I am a firm believer that if you want to achieve something great you have to work for it. 59club’s reputation is faultless, and the expertise they have packed into their sales and service management tools are second to none.

“We will use 59club’s benchmarking to measure our procedures as we begin to break down the miniscule to make a big impact. The process will ensure that we stay ahead of the competition and exceed industry expectations. It’s a great feeling to have all of 59clubs expertise at our disposal, and this makes me very confident that we can perfect our service offering, we all look forward to seeing the statistics stack up.”

Mark Reed, 59club Director said: “This particular year has been monumental for us at 59club HQ. We have developed a series of ground-breaking products that not only allow club managers to introduce additional benchmarking audits, but also deliver revolutionary member surveys which are  changing the way clubs manage their new member induction process and retain current members.

A”s James joins he gains access to the wealth of resources pioneered to achieve excellence across every revenue stream that comes into Gog Magog. As more club managers like James take the leap to join us from inside the UK, across Europe and in the Middle-East, the 59club footprint is getting larger by the day. The difference we are all making on the sales & service levels with-in our industry is immense.”