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Foresight takes off for Theo Erben

Former pilot Theo Erben, 67, has been a professional clubfitter since 1995 after leaving his job as a captain with airline KLM, for whom he had worked for 34 years. And, in that time, he has built a reputation in his home country, the Netherlands, as one of the top clubfitters, especially through his work with two-time European Tour winner Robert-Jan Derksen and the nation’s tour pros.

Profits at Erben’s Utrecht-based business, FATco Clubfitting, have risen since he invested in Foresight Sports Game Changer 2 (GC2) and Head Measurement Technology (HMT) in 2013, after he saw the technology in action at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. The portability and flexibility of the GC2/HMT means Erben can take it out on to the range, where its self-levelling capability means it’s ready to use in seconds, and, once he’s done there, he can take it inside to the fitting room where it can be ready, again, within a minute, to be used as the hardware driving his simulator.

He states, “I was really impressed with Foresight Sports technology when I first witnessed it in Orlando. The analytical data provided by sophisticated launch monitors is the biggest advancement in golf in recent years – and GC2/HMT is the most accurate of all. Customers realise that the service – and product – they receive, either in coaching or club-fitting, has been taken to the next level and they are prepared to pay more for it, which is good news for the golf professional.

“The GC2/HMT is very easy to use and very easy for the client to understand. Its data is reliable and displayed in a simple way which makes it simple to explain the information to the golfer, whether I am coaching or club-fitting or even playing a round indoors using it as a simulator. I recommend Foresight Sports technology wholeheartedly to my fellow professionals. It’s so easy to use and the lie-fitting is superior to other options out there – reliable and without the requirement to hit off of a hard board.” More at: