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Custom iron guarantee from TaylorMade extended to August

At the start of July, TaylorMade embarked on a Custom Iron Guarantee, promising the delivery of sets no later than five working days from receiving the order or a 100 per cent cash return to the retailer, reinforcing its commitment to custom quality, consistency and delivery.

Entering into a 4th week of this promise, 100 per cent of orders have been successfully delivered during peak season, meaning no free sets have been claimed.

Sean Brady, Director of Custom and Experiential at TaylorMade explains why this is great news for all approved stockists of TaylorMade. “Our retail partners tell us what they demand from us and it’s very simple, extremely high quality delivered consistently.

“Our partners can confidently make promises to their customers about when their TaylorMade custom set will be arriving and to the specs they ordered. The custom guarantee is us putting our money where our mouth is when it comes to our commitment to custom and the service we provide to our valued retail partners.”

With lead times averaging at 3.4 days from order placement to delivery across Europe, such has been the success of the custom guarantee in providing this confidence to retailers, TaylorMade are extending the pledge throughout August.

Please contact your local Area Sales Manager for more information.