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Comfortable carrying with Ogio Shoxx

The new Shoxx X4 suspension straps from Ogio, are said to make carrying a golf bag a more comfortable experience. Shoxx X4 addresses all the weight burden issues of carrying with molded XX shoulder pads. An elastomeric suspension system between the shoulder straps and the bag acts like a shock absorber in a car to eliminate weight shift and equalise the load as a player walks. Shoxx X4 is said to keep things on a much more even keel.

The elastomeric suspension system neutralises the effects of downward pull as a player walks, placing significantly less strain on the neck and shoulders and leaving the player says Ogio, fresher and better able to concentrate at the end of a round. Shoxx X4 suspension straps are fitted to several of Ogio’s current stand bag range, including Grom, Silencer and Ozone. More at: