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Cleveland’s new putter keeps it square

Cleveland Golf has introduced the TFI (True Feel Innovation) Smart Square putter featuring a milled, copper-infused face cap over a copolymer insert for feel and consistency. Cleveland says this combination of materials allows for immediate feedback from sound and feel, when striking the ball while the putter’s copolymer insert creates soft feel and consistent speed across the club face. The TFI Smart Square putter couples a high density stabilising wing with a low density aluminium body resulting in increased head MOI for greater stability and minimal distance loss on off-centre hits.

The TFI Smart Square putter also incorporates Dual Axis Alignment where two squares create parallel lines that frame the ball at address and provide a clear visual path to the hole. They also generate two perpendicular lines that easily highlight when the putter is misaligned, even by a fraction of a degree. Cleveland Golf’s testing shows players aligned Smart Square putters 23 percent more accurately than one of the most popular putters of all time. SRP of £149; more at: