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Bushnell laser rangefinders dominant on Tour

Bushnell Golf continues its decade-long run as the overwhelming choice on the PGA Tour, with The Darrell Survey – the golf industry’s leading independent measurement of equipment use – reporting that 97 per cent of The 2017 PLAYERS Championship field used a Bushnell laser rangefinder. The results once again demonstrate that the world’s best trust Bushnell to provide them with the most accurate yardages in their preparation at the game’s highest levels.

Led by the new Pro X2, Bushnell continues to drive innovation for distance-measuring devices (DMDs), with the survey results of THE PLAYERS Championship’s field highlighting that the brand remains at the forefront of DMD technologies.

“Our goal is to provide world-class distance measuring devices to world-class Tour players, and the Darrell Survey yet again demonstrates Bushnell laser rangefinders are the most trusted brand on tour,” said John DeCastro, Global Product Lane Director at Bushnell Golf. “The Pro X2 demonstrates our passion to provide Tour players, and golfers in general, with the most precise distance measuring devices on the market.”