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A.S.K. Workshops hailed as a success

The PGAs of Europe’s A.S.K. Workshops event has raised the bar for modern-day CPD sessions and received praise from both speakers and attending PGA Professional delegates, after the inaugural event took place in Hungary last week.

13 speakers each had 20 minutes to deliver their short, sharp and concise points around a variety of subject matter from specific areas of coaching and performance, such as a blueprint for how PGA Professionals can prepare games and environments for youth golfers, to how golf can be used to cure some of the world’s educational, economical, social and environmental issues.

“It was a great idea to have speakers presenting for 20 minutes,” said PGA of Hungary General Secretary, Áron Makszin. “I think I can remember most things as it was not one speaker going for an hour where you might lose your attention.  You then have your focus tuned up for the next speaker so I thought it was a good idea.”

Presenter, Sarah Claridge (PGA of Great Britain & Ireland), said: “My 20 minutes was around tapping into on-course emotions…but it was a nightmare for me! I do three-and-a-half hour workshops and one day programmes so to do something in 20 minutes was a good experience and I learnt from it.”

Attending delegates also had the opportunity to discuss the speakers’ ideas and thoughts during various networking breaks, and also gain access to video of all 13 full presentations to review the sessions and materials as much as they wish to.

‘A.S.K.’, standing for ‘Attributes.Skills.Knowledge.’, is the PGAs of Europe’s initiative to help share useful, relevant and interesting content to its Member Country PGAs and their individual PGA Professionals members through various written, video, live and audio media. The ‘A.S.K. Workshops’ are the first live element within the initiative giving all PGA Professionals a platform to share experiences, ideas and stories in front of a live audience.

If individuals are interested in the opportunity to find out more about the event’s sessions, or make the most of their 20 minutes at future A.S.K. Workshops by presenting, then please get in contact at